A Conservatory approach makes dancers, singers and actors technically proficient, command a stage and love their art for the long haul.

Conservatory vs. Competition

What is a Conservatory Studio?
Conservatory training is distinguished by the quality of the arts education. Conservatory studios have knowledgeable staff, a well-thought out and comprehensive curriculum, an educated (Degreed) professional directing the studio with the purpose to educate everyone, regardless of abilities. The focus of a conservatory is to train the students to the highest degree of proficiency desired.

The training in a Conservatory is superior to both competition and recreational studios. Students are well-positioned professionally (should they wish to pursue the arts) with quality training. For those that just want to be proficient in an art form, they can be justifiably proud of the level of professionalism they will eventually achieve. Conservatories can be fun and fulfilling at the same time. For more information on our students’ recent success, see “More Information” from the main menu.

What is a Competition Studio?
A competition studio is known for the commercialization of their students. Tricks such as fast turns, high leaps and other impressive-looking steps are emphasized, with the desired outcome a trophy at weekend conventions. Parents spend thousands of dollars on entrance fees, costumes and extra classes to work on specific areas that are normally covered in a regular weekly conservatory class.

What is a Recreational Studio? 
A recreational studio is just that, a place for “fun” and not much training. Usually the level of proficiency rarely reaches past a beginnning/intermediate level. Often the student will enter into a recreational studio and then realize later after a few years that they do not have the proficiency they should have for the amount of study time spent.

A Conservatory approach blends superior instruction, the love of dance, and the desire to see young artists grow as dancers — and as people.  A Conservatory meets the dancers where they are and brings them to the next level of achievement, continually adjusting the personal goals for each dancer as an individual, making practice both fun and challenging.  Our instruction meets your dancer where they are in proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and work to challenge them — and have them challenge themselves — creating a life-long love of dance.