It takes awhile to gain success in anything and there is no better way to learn it than when you are young. But it’s not always easy — most of the worthwhile things is life aren’t easy! I am always dismayed when parents focus on the ‘fun’ of a class instead of if they learned something or worked hard. It’s not that we don’t want them/you to enjoy the classes – of course we do – but there will always be ups and downs to any activity and the focus should be less on “having fun” and more on applying themselves and what they have learned.  Perseverance and learning how to work for something creates success and success creates self-esteem. Having self-esteem is fun – and valuable! By developing positive attitudes toward work and life, students learn to believe in themselves and what they can accomplish, which is incredibly valuable and necessary to be successful and happy adults. The next time your child comes out of class, please ask them what they learned that day.  It should be enlightening!