The Acting Company

The Acting Company is open to any acting or musical theatre student in The Studio and is taken directly from participation in the class(es). Acting and Musical Theatre students will participate in 1-2 “Family and Friends Nights” at The Studio where they will put on scenes with partners, a one-act play in a theatre as well as a possible musical show in the future.

There is little outside rehearsal (from class time) until close to the show, when the last few weekends may require extra rehearsal time. Auditions for roles are held during class time in both the fall and the spring, which allows the students to see how auditions are run and work on their audition technique.

Plays are chosen based on challenge for the students in age-appropriate material, and great effort is made to ensure equal status among all the roles for development. Students are expected to learn their lines and blocking early in the rehearsal process so they can be directed.

Cost to participate in the plays is currently free but parents are expected to find and support their student’s costume, as well as sell at least 10 tickets per student for the play. Renting a studio costume (if available) will be $25 per show, and is expected to be returned clean and pressed.