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Summer Classes can be prorated for vacations if listed during the time of registration.

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Strength & Conditioning

  • ADULT – Monday: 10:30-11:30 am     $72
  • JR/SR – Monday: 5:45-6:30 pm    $66

Jr. Jazz

  • Monday: 4:15-5 pm     $72
    Junior Jazz is a focused class emphasizing leaps, turns and basic jazz technique with large and small muscle groups.  Set to rhythmic and fun music, core stretches and floor barre are emphasized, as well as the correlation between developing smoothness between different moves through combination work.  This is a great addition to a dancer’s skill level and uses a different physical communication than ballet.

Hip Hop

  • Monday: 5-5:45 pm     $72
    Hip Hop incorporates basic rhythm training and rhythm patterns in this very current street dance.  Locking, tutting and popping is explored, as well as the latest moves and, later in the year, freeing inhibitions with  end-of-class improvisational  dance and “dance battles.”

Adult Ballet

  • Monday: 6:30-7:30 pm     $72
  • Tuesday:  10:30-11:30 am    $72
    Ballet Technique using a Russian approach; a more enhanced barre, floor stretches and center work are emphasized.  As always, special attention is paid to knee, hip and ankle placement in response to growth plates and maturation.  This class is appropriate for those who have danced earlier for a few years and need a refresher.  This is a mixed-level class for those that want to go slower in technique than the Junior or Senior ballet classes.

Adult Acting

  • Monday & Wednesday: 7:30 – 8:30 pm     $144
    6-WEEK ADULT ACTING CLASS – Work on your acting skills (yes it takes work!) to conquer auditions in the fall! Cultivate your listening and response skills, use Improvisation naturally within scenes and scripts, learn to create backstories, moments before, and much, much more !  A class for adults or older (mature) teens who truly want to improve their acting skills and able to handle any part or challenge! Some of the benefits and skills our students have gained from past workshops and classes include more confidence in public speaking and presentations, enhanced creativity at work, and understanding how to create characters and handle monologues for the stage with ease.  Please note: you do not have to have experience before taking this class. We all start the journey together!

Adult/Teen Hip Hop

  • Monday: 7:30 – 8:30 pm     $72

Children’s Ballet ages 5-7 years

  • Tuesday:  4:15 -5 pm     $66

Turns & Leaps ages 10+ years

  • Tuesday:  5 – 6 pm     $72

Junior/Senior Ballet

  • Tuesday: 6- 7:30 pm & Thursday: 6-7:30pm     $156
    For those age 12 and up that have placed in the Junior or Senior Intermediate/Advanced Ballet classes or have equivalent experience and technique, Junior/Senior Ballet is a strenuous workout for the experienced dancer.  This class includes pointe and pre-pointe levels (at the dancers’ preference).  Technique class based on the Russian Bolshoi ballet technique along with French terminology.  Students complete a full barre, core/stretching, center work including adagio, petit allegro, large and small motor movements including balance, glissade, port de bras, jete, pirouette, grand jete, fouette, brisee, enchainments, echappe, entrechechat and so much more.  The Boshoi method produces technically strong dancers that are highly athletic.  This class also meets on Thursdays.

Teen/Adult Jazz

  • Tuesday: 7:30 -8:15 pm     $66
    A fun workout session for those wanting to stretch out after a long day of studying or working, this jazz class uses upbeat music to enhance basic rhythm training and rhythmic patterns using very current stylistic trends in both free flow and syncopated movements.

Youth Ballroom classes

  • Class I – Ages 10-12 – Merengue and Rumba
    -Wednesday: 11:30-12:00pm  $60
    Learn the Merengue and Rumba, plus and energetic heel-toe polka! A popular folk dance originally from the Dominican Republic, Merengue is danced today at family gatherings, parties and festivals. American-style Rumba is as popular today as it was int eh 1930’s synthesizing the Cuban dance and embracing Latin rhythms.
  • Class II – Ages 13-15 – Foxtrot and Tango
    -Wednesday: 12:15-12:45pm  $60
    Learn the Foxtrot and Tango, plus a fun dance line! Foxtrot, a joyful, creative dance developed over 100 years ago, became an international favorite with dazzling dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for blending smooth and quick steps to both fast and slow music. American-style Tango is a practical yet sophisticated way to enjoy basic figures of the more complicated, punctuated Argentine Tango from South America.
  • Class III –  Ages 16 and upJitterbug and Waltz
    -Wednesday: 1-1:30 pm   $60
    Learn the Jitterbug and Waltz, plus a fun dance line!  The Jitterbug is a form of “Swing Dance”.  Born in Harlem, Swing developed along with the melodies, rhythms, instruments and sounds that evolved. Swing dance includes the Charleston and Shag, the Lindy Hop and Triple-Step Swing, and of course, the Jitterbug along with today’s current West Coast Swing.  Swing dance style is a truly American made dance style!
    In contract, the Waltz is a true ballroom standard. In 1840, Austrians were shocked when the Waltz was first introduced by a man dancing with his hand upon a lady’s waist in public! The same dance today stands tall as the turning, traveling “queen of the ballroom”.

Children’s Ballet Tech. ages 8-11 years

  • Wednesday: 5:15 – 6 pm     $66
    A class for those aged 8-11 that want to continue honing their skills in ballet in a fun atmosphere with more technique in the summer.  Although it encompasses our rigorous barre, core floor exercises, large and small movements, and allegro and adagio combinations, the focus in summer is relaxed, focusing on personal accomplishment within a smaller (almost semi-private) class size.

Adult/Teen Tap

  • Wednesday: 6:45-7:30 pm     $66
    This is for the older teen or adult that wants an aerobic workout and rhythmic fun!  Tap dance is an original American Dance form, made popular in the early 1900’s; it is a fun, fast-paced form of movement, using rhythm and syncopation in a variety of combinations.

Children’s Tap

  • Wednesday: 6- 6:45 pm     $66
    A fast-paced form of dance that uses rhythm and syncopation to express emotions, Tap emphasizes spatial skills, left-right brain, balance, memory recall, muscle control and aerobic fitness.  This class will help to develop motor skills and pattern awareness; beginning tap dance vocabulary is also emphasized.

Pre-Ballet ages 3 1/2 – 6

  • Thursday: 5:15- 6 pm     $66
    Ballet principles are introduced in a gentle and age-appropriate way.  Barre work includes beginning basics such as 1st through 3rd foot positions, plies and tendus.  Floor work includes  stretches, tendu, port de bras, ronde de jambe, and other simple beginning steps as well as small and large jetes (jumps) and leaps.

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