Dance At The Studio

“The Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” — Mata Hari

Dance is not only athletic but artistic at the same time. We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop and Choreography.

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Dance: BalletBallet is the basis for all forms of graceful movement and develops beautiful body alignment, posture, poise, flexibility, spatial relationships, personal discipline, balance and strength. Our ballet classes follow a Russian method, which emphasizes strength, endurance and artistic expression.

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We also offer a Dance Company for dancers who want additional performance opportunities.


Dance: Lyrical and Contemporary
Lyrical Dance combines ballet and modern with unique, free-flowing expressive movements, utilizing spatial designs and continuous movements with strong, sudden changes in direction or height.  This form of dance uses highly emotional music and powerful songs that require more expressivity from the dancer.  Classes in lyrical dance focus equally on physicality and performance.
Contemporary emphasizes core strength, flexiblity, stretching,] and expressive as well as dramatic movement. Contemporary is a melting pot of different dance styles and encompasses elements from ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern and hip hop to create a collage of movements and emotions in a unique and original way.

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Dance: Jazz and Hip HopJazz is a form of dance with many different styles. We teach a West Coast Lyrical Style, which emphasizes form, flow, fluidity and expression of movement. Jazz classes are for ages 11 through adult; a ballet class taken in conjunction with jazz is encouraged.  Jazz classes are offered for ages 7 through adult.

Hip Hop (ages 7 and up) is a street dance style, evolving as part of the current Hip Hop culture and is often freestyle (improvisational) in nature.  Hip Hop dancers often engage in “Dance battles” (improvisational, in-class dance-offs).

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Dance: TapTap is a lively form of dance which makes use of rhythm and syncopation.  Like other forms of dance, it requires spatial skills, balance, memory recall, muscle control, aerobic fitness and is fun. Our tap classes are offered for ages 6 through adult.

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