Testimonial from Kristen

“My children have studied dance and drama at three different studios. The Studio is by far the best experience they have had. The teachers are excellent. They teach appropriate to each age group, are encouraging while also push the students to grow. There is a focus on the foundations of dance and drama which is evident throughout the sequence of classes and at the performances.

“My daughters speak repeatedly about the support they feel from the instructors and their classmates. Teachers, students, and families all support and encourage each young artist; it is part of the culture of The Studio. The philosophy of The Studio encourages students to consider the ways that they can artistically express themselves. I appreciate that dance “competitions” are not at all a part of the culture of The Studio – instead there are a multitude of authentic performance opportunities in the community for students to share their art.

“As my 10-year-old says, “I love The Studio because the teachers push us to learn but in a way that makes me want to be better. And I know each time I go to class, I am with friends who support me.”

— Kristin M