The study of voice is a personal journey toward self-expression. The oldest known sheet music dates back to a hymn found on a Syrian clay tablet from 1400 BC. Human beings have been producing sound since time began. Through much trial and error, we have learned there are healthy and unhealthy ways to produce sounds.  

At The Studio, using CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) methodology mixed with classical basics, we emphasize personal development of the solo singer.  This means focusing not only on the functional work of singing but also the interpretative reasons for a song as well. Vowels are wider and more forward (Musical theatre “speak style”), open (in contrast to choral blending and closed vowels for classical singing) and a “mixed voice” or “one voice” with no audible break in registers is the goal. Our equipment includes three performance grade acoustic pianos: a Steinway Baby Grand in the upstairs studio, a Sohmer Upright in the lower level and a Bluthner-Irmler piano in P.K.’s home studio; standing and hand held microphones; and a portable speaker for singing engagements. We have live professional accompaniment for our singers during performances, and make recordings of accompaniment for practice on each song once it is chosen. Music is chosen based on the interests, appropriate age, vocal results desired and the abilities of the singers.

What We Teach

"At The Studio, using CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) methodology mixed with classical basics, we emphasize personal development of the solo singer"
"Our equipment involves three performance grade acoustic pianos, including a Steinway Baby Grand in the upstairs studio"

Singer's Contract

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best”

Before you sign up for lessons, we will ask you to sign our Singers Contract. This is an agreement to make sure you, the student, are understanding what is expected, included or not included. The contract covers things like who pays for sheet music, accompanist time and practice requirements. We are looking for people, regardless of ability or familiarity with singing, who want to learn healthy singing and will be serious about their approach to it. 

Serious singers make great singers!

We offer several options for students interested in singing, dependent upon the age of the singer:  

MUSICAL THEATRE CLASS at The Studio is for ages 9-13 and incorporates singing and acting. Group sing is emphasized within the class, with group numbers that incorporate movement (choreography) and singing. For those that are interested, opportunities for solo singing lines within the group songs are often available. Rhythm, blending tone, sight reading, scale exercises and ear training are emphasized within the group setting.

VOICE LESSONS FOR YOUNG SINGERS (under age 12): Rhythm, blending tone, sight reading, musicality, ear training and repertoire are emphasized, along with interpretation, movement and acting of songs.

VOICE LESSONS OVER AGE 12 are taught with age-appropriate technical instruction and with emphasis on purity of tone within the CCM style.  Projection, emotional expression, musicality and proper breath control are emphasized, along with ear/pitch training and interpretation/acting of songs.  

Classes We Offer

Private Lessons
Musical Theatre Ages 9-12

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